Well I Wonder…….


One of my new and vibrant neighbours has lent me this book which I am really enjoying. Here are some of my favourite quotes from what I have read so far….

‘Parents make huge sacrifices for their children, whilst reaping all the joys connected with their growing up.’

‘Some children are exposed to a waterfall of human and recorded words, filling minds and impeding concentration. Much talking makes them talk more. ‘

‘Do we need to answer all the children’s questions straight away? If they seem too difficult we might leave a space, and they answer themselves. ‘Well I wonder’ encourages a creative response, fitting many an unanswerable question and leaving the child happy as we wonder at the marvel together. An answer which corresponds to their fairy tale consciousness may leave them content.
‘Create an environment helpful for emulation, rather than actively teaching and interacting.’
‘Stillness gives space for awe.’
‘Curiosity, investigation and incentive grow space if children are left in peace with their door to mystery, discovery and invention open.’
‘In early childhood children do act and behave without reflection, out of their will.’
‘For children who have been exposed to many sensations, choices and experiences, the development of the will is more difficult.’
‘Many children are required to use their intellectual capacity before they are truly receptive and ready. Those who are allowed to live in wonder and to develop slowly in early childhood may be more able to make livelier and clearer concepts in later life.’
‘Give children free reign of their naturally dancing limbs.’


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