Snippets from school


We have had a lovely day in Wales with my husband’s family today. Here is the City Hall next to the Museum in Cardiff.

Today’s post is about things that our daughter has told us about her school experiences so far….

Week 2
We have a small tiny area to play. But if you get a whole star, you get allowed into the big playground. Our teacher draws a line each time and when its finished it makes a star.
We had a story, and there was a princess. Then we heard music in the next room. We went into the room and there were hundreds of pairs of the princesses white shoes. We all had to see what size they were and we keep our pair in our desk.
The teacher thinks he is pretending it is true to us but its actually not true.
Eurythmy is like dancing. We are doing a performance for the teachers or the rest of the school. We wear costumes, the boys have a white T-shirt and a black jacket. The girls have a yellow dress.
Me: We havn’t played hairdressers for ages have we?
Her: Well we used to all the time. But since we moved I have got friends now to play with.
‘In kindy you look after the little ones, but in Class One you are all six.’

So My teacher asked us ‘What S word have you got?’
I thought of ‘sank’
Suzie Simpson saw a silver swordfish swimming!

(for each syllable each finger meets the thumb on her hand like a rhythm exersize)
“Alla malla mink monk
Tink tonk toozy
Oozy woozy oozy oozy
Up our back”
(On each hand one at a time, and then both hands together, getting faster)

Up the airy mountains 
Across the cloudy glare
We fear to go hunting
Strong so beware
They use frogs
For their watchdogs 
All night awake

The whole of class 1 is screened to identify any obstacles there might be for a child’s particular learning. Educationally we are discovering that children (and even adults)!can retain reflexes from infancy which can impede their development of movement and co-ordination. The doctor will take groups of 4/5 children out of class to draw a picture and follow some simple instructions in order to make her assessments. The school asks for biographical information about the children such as age they walked, said two words, how they were fed, when they were weaned, any house moves or life changes, family makeup, any anxieties the child may have, Imagination, Imitation, Concentration, Attention and Memory. I am unsure if we get any feedback following the screening but will keep you posted.
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