Implementing change

Ok so amongst a whole list of changes we are implementing, we have been working hard to meal plan and cook from scratch lately, this morning I put all of this lovely stuff in the crockpot and eight hours later voila…..chicken casserole. We served it with grated cheddar cheese with (gluten free) bread and butter.

The slow cooker was gifted to us by a freecycler last week (thankyou freecycle). We also had two bikes from a generous freecycler the week before, and our daughter has as a result, learned to ride a bike without stabilisers since.

We have de-cluttered big time lately, partly due to a downsize and no garage, and also because we are working towards simplifying our life in an effort to incorporate some of the Steiner principles which are carried through into our home life.

The dress code for the school asks that children have no logos, motives, brands or slogans or characters on their clothing. Many a happy freecycler has benefitted from the changes we are implementing. At weekends I let her choose what to wear but on school days I lay her clothes out for her at bedtime. This morning (Sunday) she got up and said ‘Can you choose my clothes everyday because choosing is too difficult for me?’

This was unexpected, but is a good example of how containing the choices, stimulation and experiences she has, contributes to her sense of safety and feeling grounded.

We had lots of toys which normally lived in our daughters room or in a few toy boxes in the living room. Many from birthdays and Christmases gone by, gratefully received and lovingly played with. As many parents will be able to identify with though, toys sometimes have a habit of appearing to multiply overnight. Simplifying in terms of toys has meant reducing plastic toys and branded toys, whilst toys which are of natural textures such as wooden toys, wooden figures, puzzles, etc remain. Some items we have kept as they were special gifts, but have put them safe in her baby box.

I’m loving barefoot books for stories, and we are reading for up to an hour a day at her request including bedtimes. Bedtime book is often one book every night for a while, making bedtime as predictable as possible. Quiet time after lunch is often reading to her, finger knitting or embroidery. As we are able to enjoy the relaxing times she is too, following our lead.

Next time on the blog……..cutting out TV!


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