Autumnal dreams


Feeling the Autumn vibes this morning…..

A beautiful walk to school albeit rather windy, but we saw a rainbow.

I know I promised to cover cutting out TV but had to write about my dream.

I dreamt last night that we decided that although our dd has a place at the UK school where we have moved, that we decided to up and move again to be nearer the newly opened Steiner school in Cardiff, Wales.

In the dream some friends came to look around our house before we had moved, to see if they wanted to live there. The mum of the family couldn’t picture how they could fit in a huge wooden stump which had previously supported their permanently moored canal boat from underneath, and which needed to go with them wherever they went. The new home was next to a leisure centre (great for me as I use a gym). However our dd was asking was it too late to change our minds, could we go back, would she still have a place?

I guess any parent wrestles with what change means for their child. There are many things that can prevent change from becoming traumatic and allow children to feel safe through transition. I work with children so I also know that despite many traumas, children can grow to have tremendous resilience if they have support and a strong inner core from which to view the world.

Our dd had asked me a few questions at bedtime which then probably set my own mind whirring before I slept, such as; ‘if you die before daddy will he get married again? Who would look after me at the wedding?’

Having lost her much adored grandfather last year, these kinds of questions have become increasingly common. Bedtime is usually the time of day she shares and offloads any feelings building up for her, and a great opportunity to provide gentle reassurance and soothe her as sleep takes over.

We had made enquiries about the Steiner school in Cardiff, mainly because we wanted to find out what the differences were between the Steiner schools, aside from simply their ‘private and paid for’ or ‘state funded circumstances’. The staff were very helpful and welcoming there. However we felt that despite being able to have a Steiner education, as well as hubby’s family on the doorstep, we did not feel drawn to city life right now, and the cost prevented us from taking it further. So the negatives outweighed the positives. I guess that is how we make many of our choices, big and small.

Our dd experienced numerous changes before we moved here. It has now been three and a half months. One thing I am reassured by is that now she has started at the school it will be her place of learning for ten years, as they educate up until 16. After GSCE’s they have 100% rate of pupils moving into to further education to study for A levels or other qualifications.

She skipped off happily this morning, long may this continue…….


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1 Response to Autumnal dreams

  1. Karenza says:

    Lovely article. What a great picture. I’m looking forward to reading the rest with a cuppa in hand 🙂

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