I am really happy that I have a place on the ‘Education for Happy Childhood’ ten month course run by Joy De Berker.

Here is some information taken from her website.

“The course aims to bring Steiner early years education in a practical and accessible format to adults interested in developing their own resources and understanding of children.

Creativity, imagination and child development are joined together in a practical and enjoyable way. Discussions in both small and large groups often provides a welcome exchange of ideas and approaches to meeting the needs of different aged children. Finding time for oneself and
reflecting on ones own family life and experiences, with its many demands and challenges can be possible by creating a rhythm that works for you and your family. Many new crafts, seasonal activities, songs, games and story-telling can be enjoyed by participants, bringing confidence and resourcefulness into their role with children.

Joy’s suggested reading;

“You are your child’s first teacher” R. Baldwin

“Work and play in early childhood” F.Jaffke

“Families, festivals and food” D. Carey & J.Large

“Waldorf education” C. Clouder + M. Large

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3 Responses to Course

  1. Sophia Quinto says:

    Hi Rosie,
    It really is an intriguing and remarkable education! To be held by so much warmth sometimes feels like a rare treat which all children need, not just as a kiss at bedtime! Good move!
    Love Sophia

  2. Karen Bunce says:

    sounds intriguing – good luck with the course. Does she do anything for 7-teens?


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