Feeling determined

I won’t lie, I was a ‘Moody Margaret’ this morning. But as the sun starts to rise, the morning bedtime cuddles and quietly whispered first words of each day gently steady me.

I fall back on my trusty ‘moomin’ feelings cards, usually used in my work with children, to represent where I am at today.



In the words of Ray Bradbury;

‘You must stay drunk on writing, so that reality cannot destroy you.’

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2 Responses to Feeling determined

  1. Paul Chadwick says:

    That is what is real Now. Accepting, feel it… ‘see’ how it creates thoughts… Enough fortune cookie wisdom.

    another Great post.

  2. Jerry says:

    It seems you edited this post, I wondered why? The original, while melancholy, had a real ring of truth and humanity to it. Please don’t think that writing about your down days equates to negativity. A blog like this should be a reflection, a record to look back on in the future. You’ll thank yourself in the future if you keep your posts honest and true to yourself. Don’t try editing your feelings by editing a post that comes from the heart in the heat of a moment.

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