Aloe aloe aloe

20130926-001006.jpgWe were gifted five aloe vera plants six months ago (thankyou freecycle), and since then I’ve been able to grow thirty new plants from the new shoots. Freecycle is an international web based organisation which allows users to gift their unwanted items to those who want or need them, keeping stuff out of landfill sites and saving everyone money. I think freecycle is a great way to de-clutter & top up your good karma!

Here are some random non related photos of moments captured so far this week.
I used to knit when I was a child but have not done so for years. After a lovely craft morning at a friends house I was inspired, and thanks to You Tube I now have my knitting mojo back.20130926-001032.jpg
Selection of books I’m dipping into when I get a spare moment or two.20130926-001041.jpg
Misty view on school run walk this morning.20130926-001049.jpg
Home grown tomatoes from our garden and fresh eggs from our lovely neighbour.
Charity shop natural materials bargain for our kitchen. 20130926-001153.jpg
Mmmmmmm homemade organic cooking apple & damson (wild plum) gluten free crumble, made in the slow cooker by hubby. Apples generously given to me by a friend, damsons generously given to us from someone at the school, and slow cooker another freecycle beauty. Nom nom as my friend Clare would say. Nom nom indeed.20130926-001118.jpg
The changing colours of Autumn starting to emerge.20130926-001127.jpg
Found this handsome chap whilst re-potting the aloe plants, he was in a grow bag of soil and seemed glad to be able to stretch his legs. It’s the little things…..

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