I Felt Creative

20131003-144648.jpgI attended a felting course with hubby today, with a wonderful group of creative women at the Hereford Academy.

The course is run by the very knowledgeable and very supportive Kathryn Byrne, over ten weeks. It is completely free of charge. Another class also runs on Tuesdays.

I made a wet felt mat which I can use next week to create a brooch or something else. One lady made a phone case, another a coaster.

We were using autumnal leaves as our inspiration and Kathryn brought in some examples to rouse our creativity.
The mat was made by taking dyed merino wool and separating it into whisps, placing it horizontally to create one layer, and then vertically, with another layer of horizontal over the top.


Using a net curtain on top of the wool we used warm soapy water to agitate the wool so that the fibres started to cling to each other. We took the net off and patted the wet felt, smoothing and patting. This part was repeated several times.

We used bubble wrap to roll the felt and squeeze out all the liquid. Whacking the rolled up felt in bubble wrap also helped to get it dry and aided the bonding of the fibres. This took a long time and plenty of elbow grease. I lived seeing how the fibres changed as we continued.
20131003-144623.jpgWe put the felt out on the radiators to dry and next week we will continue.
Here is an example of a magical piece by a lady in the group called Lou. This was from last term, and was mad using needling felting. Lou had the peice professionally framed and deservedly so – it is stunning!
20131003-150304.jpgKathryn was kind enough to bring in some examples of other sweet peices.

Here is a pumpkin dolly which has a warldorf style face.
Here is a beautiful fairy made by Kathryn’s daughter when she was just twelve years old which shows it can be enjoyed at any age. Looking forward to having a go with our daughter soon!

Here is the felt Hubby made. A thoroughly enjoyable morning!20131003-151621.jpg

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