20131004-205601.jpgI’ve been digging up old projects that need finishing including this sweet image. I probably have four or five half finished-cross stitch projects.

Another project that required perseverance is my knitting (getting there albeit a bit lobsided).20131004-145918.jpg
I have learned to cast off today which was very exciting. Plus £1 charity shop wooden knitting needle bargains… could it get any better?

20131007-210448.jpgSomething which we were grateful to receive this week which will have required perseverance was this sweet hand-made handbag, from our daughter’s Grandma (hi Mum-in-Law!). She has lovingly used one of the buttons from Grandad’s band uniform, so it is extra precious now, both of them having given her part of a very personal gift.

Perseverance is a quality we hope to engender through modelling and imitation, and is a big part of building resilience. What are the important qualities you want to pass on to your children?

Coming up … The very talented FunkyArtist, hardcore parents, Mommy Wars, who are ‘they’?, and exploring the road less travelled.

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