From the Mouths of Babes

This post is pure & simple one. Here a few of the enchanting, thought provoking and imaginative things our daughter (dd) has said.

Dd’s friend: ‘I went to Legoland once. My brother went on a fast ride it went upside down. It had no seatbelts, just water underneath. It was so good it gave him a heart attack.’

Dd: ‘A heart attack? Did he die?’

Friend: ‘It wasn’t that kind. It was just the kind where it hurts your feelings.’


Dd’s Friend: ‘I go to hockey on Sundays. In the winter you have to have really weatherly clothes on’

Dd: ‘Yes and you might have to play hockey in the snow at Christmas’

Friend: ‘Yes and if you get a goal, then you win your presents.’


October 2013
(Singing to herself in bed about one of her friends at her old school)

‘It’s time for a visit.
Time to pay a visit.
I want to go back
I want to go back.

Joy makes people happy
Joy makes people worry
I am aware I’ll come to you
I’ll just be ahead

Why won’t you come to see me
Unless, Unless
I need to be with you
In my heart, In my heart
I just need
I need for you to come back here now

I want you to come here
Otherwise I’ll start to cry
It begins with a T……
(Spells out his name)

Boy, I miss you
I’m thinking of you in my mind……
Why don’t you listen to my heart?’


(How are shoes made)
Dd: They shave the cows. With paper they make it into the shoe shape. They measure all different people’s feet. So if your feet were twelve and a half millimetres then you would know that size shoe is right for you. Then you put the leather on it. Get the lace and then you do the other foot.

(Talking about how we cry)
Dd: We drink water. When we feel upset we start to cry. You’re trying to get lots of stuff out. All your sadness. It comes all the way up your body, and into your head. Your tear comes out and your sadness comes out.

(Talking about why the sunrise happens each morning)
Dd: It can see that the moon is going away more. When its eyes are asleep. Its getting darker so that means the moon is going away.The shooting stars of queen of planets, she lived on the sun. She can see the moon going down. She says ‘come on sun time to go to the surface.’


11 April 2013
Dd: Is that how small a catapillar’s hand is?

7.4.13 (singing to herself at bedtime)
‘Sometimes it hurts ourselves
It’s not fair on you
Its not On me
Its not fair On anybody
Sometimes it hurts in pain
Sometimes it pain
Sometimes it rains ‘

Dd: If I do come in your bed in the night I will go in the middle. Because that’s just what families do.

Feb 2013
Dd: If you put everything in the world on top of each other, would it reach to space?

Dd: My arm smells of bacon.
The other one smells of pickles.
The bacon one smells more interesting.

Dd: Once upon a sparkly twinkly day there was a mermaid above the water.

Dd: I am scared of the dark but I don’t know why.

Dd: Mummy everybody will love you because you have light, you want light.

Dd: Mummy what is the Easter Bunny doing right now?
Mummy: Ooh not sure, that’s a good question.
Dd: Maybe laying chocolate eggs?

Dd: I love Elvis! He is so gorgeous! I could just kiss him on the head!
(Looking at Rock & Roll book)
(Hugging book)
Dd: When I go up to heaven I’m going to find Elvis.
Me: Will u see him singing a sing up there?
Dd: Yes and wearing his cool dude clothes. Yeah and he will sing ‘I wanna go back down to see my people!’

Dd: Mummy I’m too tired to go to bed….

Dd: Mummy I love you. I love everyone in the world, even all the people I havnt met yet.

October 2012
(At bedtime) Dd: am I a toddler?

Dd: Mummy do robots breathe?

Daddy: do you like your sarnies?
Dd: I hate sarnies! I don’t like fish!

Dd: ‘Mummy I love you so much. Even if you were a pie with no arms & legs, I would still love you, I wouldn’t eat you.
Daddy: I might nibble the edge of the crust, just a bit?
Dd: No I would put poisonous berries on top.’

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