I Felt It Again

Week two of the felting course done and here is the progress we have made.

Last week we got as far as making a square of our own felt. Here is what my piece looked like after it had dried.

I decided to make a needle book for my sewing box. I remember my Mum using one she had made and loving the fact it was personal to her.

I cut the felt into two and started embellishing the front with pieces of dyed merino wool, playing around with various shapes.

By repetitively ‘stabbing’ the felt (not as violent as it sounds) which sits on top of a deep block of foam, the needle which has tiny tiny jagged edges along it, binds the fibres together. This means no stitching is required if you want to bind two surfaces together. Here is how the merino wool looks before you start to use it.
I liked the uneven edges of my little felt needle book.

Here’s what hubby made of part of his felt so far. These could be used as part of a decorative item, or made into broches.

“Needles to say” I was very impressed (arf arf!)

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