Knitting Momma

Ok so I’m totally addicted to knitting now. Here are some squares I’m making for a blanket for our daughter.

I’m loving experimenting with various different needle lengths and sizes, as well as the size and chunkiness and consistency of all the different types of wool available.


Here’s a little blanket I made for a teeny tiny knitted teddy gifted to our daughter by one of her school friends.


I’m taking things slowly and this book is really helpful. Our local charity shop has a huge pot of knitting needles and aim getting into the habit of popping in to see if there are any new wooden needles on a weekly basis.20131012-064340.jpg

Its great to be able to take my knitting wherever we go and just dip in and do a bit if I have 20 minutes spare. 20131012-064458.jpg

We are very rock and roll these days. I look forward so much to lighting the fire at the end of each day and snuggling down with hubby and our daughter to get our knit on.

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