Mucking In, Giving Back

We attended our first school work day recently. Workdays happen roughly every 1-2 months on a Saturday. Parents and children are invited to attend, contribute & help to maintain the school. As a lot of work has been completed on refurbishing the buildings, all the work required this time was outdoors. Classes take turn to provide food for the workdays, so there is a valuable social gathering too.

Parents were moving woodchips and sand by wheelbarrow, replenishing play areas in the kindy gardens and wider school grounds, collecting apples & pressing them.

Learning through imitation is a big part of the school ethos. Seeing the staff contribute sets a good example for parents & children alike. I felt it was quite profound to see the headteacher mixing cement to lay a new path, alongside long-standing and brand new parents alike.

As well as attending school workdays, I’m volunteering at our daughters school doing bits & bobs in the office.

Having been prepared to homeschool for up to two years & then having to wait no longer than four weeks for a place at the school, made us feel incredibly grateful, so we are embracing the chance to give back.

The poster for the advent fair is completed and hubby is working on the fliers. Using his graphic design skills to help out the school is a really positive experience for him as feedback is always useful and it widens the local audience too. I can’t wait to show you the finished poster. There were several drafts, the first being quite different to the finished piece.

A lot of day to day volunteering happens, and you might not know unless someone mentions it to you. I had only realised this week that the individuals managing the morning traffic at the entrance to the school are the finance manager and he headteacher!

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