Felting for fun

I forgot my almost finished needle book today, so I made a new piece using wet felting, and had a go at wet felt balls. Here is my first layer….

Here is the second layer before adding any soapy water….

After wetting it with warm soapy water we laid a net curtain over the top & started rubbing it in small circular motions.


Then the rubbing over the bubble wrap began….

Which was followed by a rinse and more rolling…..

Each stage took at least 20 minutes, and this is how it looked when finished (front)

20131017-192222.jpgAnd back……

I love how at each stage the look of it changed, and ideas came to us about what it resembled or what could be made from the piece as we went along. I really enjoy not planning it & seeing what the end result come about.

The wet felt balls give a smooth finish, wrapping them round into a ball shape, dunking them in warm soapy water & rolling them between your palms takes about five to fifteen minutes depending on the size. Our daughter was able to have a go at home and loved trying something new.

Here are a few of the things I have found around the house that she’s made in the last day or so.

Hubby carried on with his leaves, and is contemplating what to use them for. So far we think perhaps a bowl or a garland.

I also found these lovely items which I realise now are felted items, having learned a few techniques I can totally see how these would have been made.


Coming soon…..preparing for the Advent Fair. Could the FunkyArtist get any funkier?!

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