Do What You Love

20131026-183718.jpgOk so I’m no Whitney Houston, but I love love love singing.

I sing when I’m cooking, washing up, in the shower (although these performances have been a little short of late due to a pesky leak through the kitchen ceiling), I sing when I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I’m driving, nervous, worried, relaxed, in labour, and doing may other things.

My first social work placement was as a key worker at a shared housing project for people with and recovering from mental health problems. As it was recovery focused the activities I would support them with were based on doing things that they enjoyed. For weeks I had one jamming session a week with one of the residents. He played and I sang. We did Alanis Morissette, Tracy Chapman, Sheryl Crow, Extreme, The Levellers and lots of other faves.

I seem to have passed this joy of singing on to our daughter, and she recently told me I was not allowed to sing when she was in the house, only hum … because ‘I feel jealous when you sing because it sounds so nice’.

I wrote this song when I was sixteen.

I must start playing again more often for pleasure & figure out where my closest open mic night is 🙂

Do just do what you love, even if you are crap at it. You never know if might prompt someone else to do something they love too.


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4 Responses to Do What You Love

  1. becca says:

    why don’t you start your own open mike night at the swan or the tump!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gillian Shaw says:

    If you are looking for open mics, look up on Facebook ‘Herefordshire Open Mics’. There is a good one at The Plough, Little Dewchurch on the last Sunday of the month. They also have a folk night at The Black Swan. My husband tried to start up an open mic club at the school last year but there was no interest.

    • rosiemay80uk says:

      Hi Gillian, thanks for your comment that is really great to know. Its a shame there was no interest in an open mic night at the school.

      • rosiemay80uk says:

        I’ve been to the folk night a few times actually, its a wonderful environment & lovely to listen to the well established group of friends sharing their voices & instruments. He space lends itself well as its cosy, the piano is out of tune sadly so doesn’t get used.

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