Art is an insatiable need….

Following on from my last post – I invite you to watch this interview with Lady Gaga which explores the Jeff Koons cover of her new album ArtPop & what the definition of art is, for her.

“Today in the culture that we live in, there’s not a big difference between fast food and art.

One mans art is another mans trash.
These things are interchangeable.

Maybe perhaps because of our cellphones; if you can take a picture or do a performance or play a song, you can post it on the internet & get peoples attention; if you have people’s attention this is art. But this is not art.

Art requires a discipline.
Art requires a talent.
Art requires a passion and desire to make a statement that is aruded in a revolution.

An insatiable need to make a statement about something you believe is a connection to something higher, a spiritual connection.”

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