Ina May you make my day


Last night I watched ‘Birth Story’ with Ina May Gaskin.

Her book Spiritual Midwifery was the start of a wonderful learning journey for us, and I was privileged to hear her speaking at a birth conference the year after our daughter was born.

The birth at the end of the film is so like our daughter’s was; eyes open underwater, gazing up at us.

In the film she visits Kilpeck Church to see the famous birthing gargoyle called the Sheela-na-gig fertility carving.

I used to think that I would love to one day give birth at The Farm in Tennessee. But watching this I realised its because of women like Ina May that I feel like I could birth pretty much anywhere. Thank-you Ina May for continuing to inspire me.

If you haven’t seen the film I would highly recommend it, whether you have kids or not, regardless of how and where they were born. Its totally in my top 100 (mental note idea for blog post favourite movies of all time).



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