This week I had my regular acupuncture appointment with the most amazing seventy-year old practitioner.

This time was different as my daughter was with me; not planned but not a problem either. She sat and did some drawings whilst we carried on with my appointment.

I am no expert on the topic but have been benefitting from regular acupuncture since February 2012.

It was recommended to me by a family member who was suffering with a range of issues. She told me how she remembered having needles put in and watching her body change from being very shaky, to being calm and still for the first time in a long time. She also said (her words) that she ‘got her mojo back’, and has been more active and outgoing as a result.

I often recommend trying acupuncture to friends & family, especially if they are struggling with a health problem of any sort, but I have never actually written down what it is like for me having a treatment.

The thing about acupuncture is, if you are at all interested in what your practitioner is doing, you may end up thinking about your body in a totally new light. I love learning about the points which she chooses to needle, why she does or doesn’t use massage or moxa (to warm a point) before needling certain areas, and about traditional Chinese practices for health in general.

The only way I can describe how it feels when I have a treatment is that it’s like being ‘plugged’ back in.

Imagine rechargeable batteries, plugged back into the mains power source & recharged – well that’s pretty much what it feels like. Sometimes the overall effect varies; for example I might come away feeling vitalised, or totally wiped out & in need of sleep, but that one feeling of being ‘plugged in’ is always there.

As the needles go in I can sometimes experience a rush of feeling in one place, reminiscent of the beginning of pins & needles; numb limbs benefitting from the rush of the blood supply back into that part of the body.

Some treatments I have felt great warmth in specific parts (not always the area actually being needled), or the sensation of water, like a warm wave coming over me. Often the points used in the toes affect my head and scalp, and I have been successfully treated for chronic migraine without reoccurrence.

Sometimes it feels like I’m a tree with roots exposed but that a treatment brings me back down into the ground again, supporting me in soft nourishing earth. Often I feel pulled back down to earth, strange but true.

I have learned the hard way, to treat your own health as an utmost priority. It is priceless and I am eternally grateful for the way it has helped me become a healthy happy woman again.

Thanks for reading. Coming up….. my first Steiner Warldorf parents evening!

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