Rhythm, Repetition & Reverence

I really enjoyed the third session of the Education for a Happy Childhood course with Joy De Berker. The theme was rhythm, reputation & reverence.

Here’s the view of Bath as we walked to the venue.
20131121-061239.jpgWe made felted animals and learned about using natural materials with children in art & crafts. Rhythm is not routine, but the natural ebb & flow of movement in the home, on a daily, weekly and annual basis. Looking at the seasons and festivals which accompany them, I began to think of rhythm in a new way.

One thing I took from the session which had been mentioned previously, was that ‘every child has a golden heart’. A worthy reminder that every child is innately good. Simple but important.

This is how I have always felt about children, having worked with children & families for over eight years now. It was good to hear more about a philosophy which fits so well with my natural instincts on parenting. It also fits well in understanding that children’s behaviour is their language, and it is our responsibility to understand what they are trying to tell us in the way that they present outwardly.

Here’s a few other snaps from the day.





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