I’m a rambling man

It’s not every day you are totally inspired.

I have the kind of job, where, if I am lucky, every piece of work, every person I meet allows me to come away having learnt something new. I’m always grateful for the connection, for having had the opportunity to learn from their life experience, and what they are bringing to the task of supporting our children.

But this week I have been totally inspired. As in jaw-droppingly, remember this day, bottle this moment, cherish this memory, type inspired.

This week I met a man nick-named Hazzard. Not a great start you might think.

However he has devoted himself to raising awareness and funds for the charity called Console UK who work towards suicide prevention as well as supporting those affected by suicide of a loved one. He is walking 5000 miles through the 86 counties of the UK from July 2013 to 24 June 2014 relying on the generosity of people he meets along the way for accommodation.

Haz completed a walk through his home country of Ireland for Console which was so successful that he started receiving messages offering accommodation should he decide to do a walk through the rest of the UK.

Amazingly he has only ever had to pitch a tent once in over 400 nights whilst he was in the highlands of Scotland.

Here’s a few words I threw together for the local paper after he stayed at our home last night;

Colm Farrell (known affectionately as ‘Hazard’) stayed in Hereford with Richard & Rosie Evans on Wednesday 2 April 2014.

A parent from the school where our daughter attends posted on Facebook about his walk for charity, as she had put him up the night before in Pontrilas.

I called him and offered him a place to stay. Then a friend came round to visit and we realised she had called him two minutes after I had to offer him a place to stay too! This was great timing as she then was able to offer him a place to rest after walking for six hours, whilst I collected both our children from school that afternoon.

He will covers roughly 15 miles (and up) a day and is travelling from Hereford towards Worcester on Thursday, and then likely to be arriving in the Worcester area on Friday. The most he has covered in one day is 46 miles when he had to get to a destination to see his daughter who is now thirteen.

From Worcester he will travel towards Redditch and on towards Birmingham. He completes his walk in Cornwall on 24th June 2014 which is our wedding anniversary. He said the completion date has also been a meaningful date for several other people whom he has met whilst on his travels.

He is continuing his 11 month, 5000 mile walk through the 86 counties of the UK to raise funds and awareness for Console UK, a suicide prevention charity.

We lost a family member to suicide 23 months ago and helping Colm out seemed like such a natural thing to do especially when we found out the reason he was walking.

I was so touched when my friends helped out by agreeing to give Haz accommodation for the following night at very short notice, near Great Malvern which meant a lot to me.

Check out ‘Hazwalk’ on Facebook for more information about this incredible journey.

He also posts lots of updates daily on his own Facebook page as that is where many of his ‘planks’ (offers of a bed) come from as people share the news of his route. His name on Facebook is Colm Farrell.

Since beginning his UK walk, Console UK have received enough additional funding to open a support centre in London, with plans to open another in Leeds in September 2014. His ideal outcome would be for there to be a Console support centre within easy reach of every town in the UK and Ireland.

His fundraising website is;


Please share with your friends. Colin’s phone number for any offers of future accommodation is 07582 443707.

Here is an article from when he travelled through Lincoln;


Here is a short video and a few quotes about the charity walk when he travelled through Worksop;


Here is the tripline map showing the route so far;


I will be updating the blog more regularly now I promise!

Thanks for reading!

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